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Global, effective and differentiating services drawing on a unique media and non-media ecosystem — pre-film, print, display, digital and below the line marketing — enabling advertisers to reach the mk2 audience throughout the customer pathway: before, during and after the film.



Trailer is a powerful tool that combines quality and ROI. It’s the most effective media for message recall.

Standard campaign :

  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Across the whole mk2 network: 11 cinemas / 64 screens
  • Your film shown almost 5,000 times
  • Audience: between 200,000 and 250,000 cinemagoers

Shown in the darkness, just before the film starts, with the guarantee of reaching an ultra-captive audience.



  • Monthly magazine
  • Free
  • 10 issues / year
  • Official circulation: 150,000 copies
  • Final estimated audience: 600,000 readers
  • Issuu platform (digital version of the magazine): 70,000 readers on average

Print network

  • mk2 network: 11 cinemas / 64 screens / 5.5 million cinemagoers per year
  • Fnac Paris Ile de France (ticket desk)
  • Selection of 250 culture and leisure venues in Paris (Forum des Images, Fondation Cartier, Gaîté Lyrique, Colette …)


Advertising formats:

  • Mega banner
  • Pre-home / Interstitial
  • 300×600 display
  • Weekly newsletter / partner events section
  • Database: 160,000 contacts

Posting and sharing on our social networks:

  • Twitter: 115,000 followers
  • Facebook: 45,000 fans
  • Instagram: 4,600 followers

Data offer: audience extension

mk2 has collected, processed and analyzed its audience figures, making it possible to develop ultra-targeted campaigns for maximum ROI and audience extension (lookalike modelling).


unique visitors per month
visits per month
6 min.
average time spent on the site


A direct and extremely powerful marketing tool. The aim: a promotion or benefit to announce an event delivered with the cinema ticket.

Standard campaign:

  • Length: 2 weeks
  • 1 ticket attached with every cinema ticket
  • Audience: 250,000 tickets given away

What benefits ?

  • Exceptional ROI for our cultural partners!
  • A measurable, recognized and highly sought-after impact on visitor numbers to our partners’ venues


Standard display campaign in our cinemas: 11 cinemas / 32 displays

Event-specific display campaign:

  • Customization of the cinemas doors / window stickers
  • Customization of the pontoons at the Quai de Seine & Quai de Loire cinemas
  • Monumental display on the outside of mk2 Bibliothèque


Product sampling

  • Exit to the screens
  • Esplanade outside mk2 Bibliothèque: 80,000 people/week
  • Embankments outside mk2 Quai de Loire: 25,000 people/week

Private hire the network’s spaces

  • Live communication hosting
  • Exhibition and event space
  • Concessions in mk2 stores
  • Sampling operations
  • Privatisation of cinema screens in the mk2 movie theater network
  • Private and confidential movie theater network


mk2 guides its partners through special events in the heart of its network: takeovers, masterclasses, showcases…

The aim: to create closeness with the audience during unique events.

Find the latest projects of mk2 media led by our team!

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